Just after I had my backpack stolen and then returned all in 24 hours, I realized how insignificant items are and how replaceable everything is. I mean if I can get a new passport in the matter of minutes then how important are 6 shirts and travel sized toiletries? Coming back to Korea had me emptying out my closet in some maniacal way. I decided I want to be able to live out of a carry on, because there are few items that are irreplaceable. My souvenirs have always been postcards with stories written on the back, and magnets and other small Buddhist items to protect the things that matter. My motto has become, if it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t matter. I will be keeping just the basic clothing items and buying more where ever I move for longer than a month. Its much easier to travel the world and call this wonderful planet my home if I’m able to just pack up and leave.


When you consider the whole world to be your home, a carry on is all you need.