Alas, week 2 of 2 for winter camp 2017!
Five 8th graders (2nd grade middle school) signed up for this 5 day long camp lasting 3 hours a day. Since last week was more of a disaster than Seamus Finnigan’s potions- and JK Rowling set that bar really low- I decided to change camp times from 9-12 to 9:15-11:45. It doesn’t seem like much but it is amazing! It means we can technically finish at 11:30 and clean up and talk the rest of the time.
The group of 2nd graders that joined are highly motivated students with an intermediate level of english. They’re all super sweet; except one, but we’ll ignore the outlier for now (unless he tries to steal any more of my stuff..)

Ready for a day by day, play by play? Get your parchment and quill ready for camp tales part 2.

Monday: 4 of the 5 show up and we played games until 10, while we waited for the 5th person (the only girl) to show up, because she said she’d be on her way soon, only to change her mind at 9:55. So Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry  began!
I started by explaining Harry Potter and refreshing their memories of the series and the characters. I mean, these kids were only born one year AFTER the first movie came out.. Then for the rest of the time, we constructed some beautiful wands. I am so impressed by their creativity, honestly. Two of the boys created huge colorful swords out of numerous chopsticks, pipe cleaners, markers, glitter, little fluffy balls and other stationary.Naturally, the two sword bearers dueled at the end and broke their AMAZING creations.. Not surprised in the least to be honest. One boy made a Karaoke microphone wand with tons of glitter and pipe cleaners and fluffy balls. The final boy made a very elaborate, and very sturdy wand with about a dozen chopsticks, heavy duty black tape, and markers. Mine was a Sailor Moon wand replica (well, kind of). And just like that, day one was officially over! I went down to have lunch with my coworkers, who naturally had to make roughly 900 comments about me being vegan- as they have every day for the past 4 months. It’ll never get old!! Then my lovely vice principal said I can go home after lunch everyday.

Tuesday: The same 4 boys showed up today, but the girl let us know at 9:30 she didn’t want to come, so with that, we started camp! Today’s activity was the learn all about the characteristics of Hogwarts houses, and then have them work together to create their own 5th Hogwarts house. I told them to pick the House animal, the characteristics of the house, the name, and then draw it on a giant poster to hang on the back wall. This took them the entire hour and a half. Then we watched Youtube videos of their choosing and ran around. I do quite love these kids. 2nd grade middle school boys are my favorite because their ridiculous (or should I say Riddikulus) personalities match mine 100%.
And just like that, day 2 of 5 was completed. Working 9-12 goes by so incredibly fast.

Wednesday: This day all 5 of the students signed up. We waiting until 10 for the girl who was absent the past 2 days.During that time, the kids chatted to eachother. Then we set off on a 2 hour mission to build a giant Hogwarts castle out of Popsicle sticks. I impressed by the time it took, but unimpressed by its architecture. They tried, so I’ll give ’em that!

Thursday: I wanted to show them Merlin and do a tea leaf reading, however they were not so in to either idea. I made them do the tea leaf reading anyway, because Divinations is fun! (to me). Then we made hot chocolate, and instead of watching Merlin, they asked if we could play a charades typle game instead, where you’re given a card to put on your head and you have to ask yes or no questions until you figure out the correct answer. They spoke in all Korean so I couldn’t participate in the answering portion, unfortunately. We played that for an hour, then freedom! Only one more day, and its movie day!

Friday: movie party! I put out the soda and the endless snacks and started a magical 2.5 hour adventure through the first year of Harry potter’s Wizarding life. The kids were actually super into the movie and the food so that helped a bunch!

So that ends weeks two of two of the winter camps. I definitely think 3 hours a day is too long. I’m hoping my summer camps will be shorter, as it’s hard to keep their attention for that length of time. Even with fun activities. All in all, week two was so much better than week one so I can start my vacation on a high note! If any of you would like any of my material don’t hesitate to ask me! If you also have to lead a camp or several. GOOD LUCK. and I hope it is truly magical.