I left my house at 5AM and headed to the airport, saying goodbye to my dogs for the last time. My dad talked about how proud he was of me following through with my dream of living abroad, then we talked about planning a vacation in the summer of 2017 so we can share stories after a year. My flight from Phoenix to California was quick and un-eventful. My flight to Korea, however was quite interesting. The man sitting next to me was trying to practice his English with me and he ended up making me look through all of his photos on his phone. The first hour of this wasn’t too bad, but it started to get quite uninteresting. However, he was a very sweet man that didn’t seem bothered by the amount of times I got up since I can not sit still. Me and another guy around my age ended up buying really expensive wifi and standing for hours so we didn’t have to sit any longer. Our flight WAS delayed 2 hours, while we were sitting in it though, so I feel like we have an excuse. After we landed and I went to the baggage area, I met and talked to an American marine stationed in Seoul and we chatted for a bit and made quite a few hella good jokes. I’m hoping to see him around some day! He asked me if I liked Korean men and I answered honestly: YES. To which the Korean man next to us looked over, and we laughed about that for what seemed like a decade. Then I waited for a few hours at the airport until the other teachers arrived so we could all take the bus together.

Orientation began the following day. I have met so many people who are exceptionally cool, and have already made plans for the weekends after I’m settled in at my new place. The higher ups seem very supportive about my dream of staying in Korea permanently. I have been able to practice my Korean skills here as well.

Other than that, I have been here for two days and I have walked to the nearest town, which is quite cute. The heat here is unbelievable though. I always feel like the crypt keeper when walking outside!!

Today, Tuesday the 18th, I also had to go to the hospital to get blood drawn and take a urine test to test for drugs and HIV. They’re about to see how lame I am in a second since I have never done a drug, or taken a marijuana in my life. Hahah. Luckily for them, I had to pee like a sea biscuit so I was all over filling that cup with the most beautifully clear urine. TMI? IDC. The blood test was so much easier than I had imagine as well. It was so quick! Like 3 seconds and it didn’t hurt a bit.
While I was there I was testing my Korean abilities with the staff and the fact that they all understood me made me feel exceptionally confident. One girl called me pretty in Korean, yay!, and one guy said I was ‘such a funny’, Even yayyier!!
I can’t wait for the day when I’m settled in at my apartment and I can freely go about my day and meet new people. I really want to be able to communicate with my new country’s people! Also, getting a Korean boyfriend is quite high on my unreasonable list of things to do.

Until next time!