I arrived in the international terminal at LAX after 20 hours of travel time from Thailand on December 28, 2015. As I was walking towards the domestic terminals, I walked past the departure boards and saw an abundance of Hong Kong bound flights departing extremely  soon. I immediately though ‘I can get on any of those, right now. I can buy a ticket and go. What’s stopping  me?’ I stood near the customer service check in desks for so long I’m sure the security guards were getting suspicious. I ultimately and begrudgingly left without getting on another flight because the calm,  logical Megan voice in my head beat the spontaneous and overly enthusiastic voice.

I could not stop thinking about Hong  Kong for months. Something about the city seemed so captivating to me. That,  and my love for China is through the roof. It’s sky high, literally.

During one of my 3 hour Monday ecology classes (which I never attended because of the tedious busy work we had to do that was worth zero points, but was just something they made us to to ‘kill time’) (which is another thing that killed me because time is so valuable yet here we are) my friend and I were casually using the Internet for personal interest rather than the assigned (ungraded) work. I spend my Internet time looking through travel deals, as you may have guessed, and I stumbled across an incredibly cheap trip to Hong Kong with flights and hotel included. I showed my friend who said we should go over the summer, but I am terrible and can’t wait once I set my mind on something. I sent the link to my dad and he said ‘it’s the middle of the semester, when are you trying to go?’ and I thought about it for a while. But I honestly only had two classes, it was my final semester, I can make the time by just not going to a few class.

So I booked it. I decided to take a week off school to go to China. It was the most spur of the moment thing I have ever done, and my first time going on a trip entirely alone with no itinerary. It felt great! I had such freedom!

I got lucky, and my professors canceled class that week which is seriously the biggest coincidence of all. Anyway, so in April, I went to the airport and boarded a Cathay Pacific flight to the land that never sleeps.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, I knew was confused by this because I made my own time to go. So I mean it’s possible, it may be reckless, but it’s possible and it ended up being the best trip of my life. I will be returning in a few months because I enjoyed it that much.

That trip taught me more about myself than I ever thought possible. I was able to pinpoint exactly some personality traits that I do not like, and it has allowed me to be proactive on fixing those aspects of myself. I want to be someone that I would be friends with. I still have a long ways to go, but it’s relieving knowing that at 22 I will be able to change myself to  become the person I want to be and the one I was meant to be.

I will write about Hong Kong in a later post. I just wanted to give a back story as to how I went from Thailand to Costa Rica to Hong Kong within 3 months. It all stems from the fear of wasting time and the desire to see the world.

Until next time! ❤