I grew up in a very religious neighborhood with a very secular humanist family; and as such I got to see the differences between having a creationist and an evolutionist mindset. There is an infinite amount of differences between the two, that is for sure. But the one thing that both have in common is the idea that  life is 100% what you make it.

28,000: its funny how that number can seem so large or small in different situations.
If you win $28,000 on a lottery ticket, its a ton!
Working for minimum wage for a year, yields this annual salary; now its incredibly small.
If Dunkin donuts hears your order wrong and makes you 28,000 donuts instead of 28 dozen, now you have too many donuts and a lethal blood sugar reading.
Even 28,000 days could be interpreted differently; but it shouldn’t be.

The average lifespan is 28,000 days.
Our lives are as long as a year salary at minimum wage.
Our lives are shorter than the altitude reached by an airplane, in feet.
I studied chemistry and biology at University, so I think in numbers much of the time. But this is a number I can’t process because of how unbelievably small it is for the amount I want to do.
196 countries to see, 7 continents, and an infinite amount of activities to do.

At 22 I was having a quarter-life crisis just because I have lived 8331 of those days. So theoretically I have 20,000 or less left. Its insane to think about.
But that also got me thinking. Deer don’t know how many decades they have, flies don’t know that they have a few days to buzz around and annoy people, and cockroaches don’t know they’re invincible. Time is completely a human construct, and I think what matters more is how you spend your conscious moments.

You can choose to spend most of your waking hours doing whatever you want.
For me, I could never and will never accept sitting in an office to make just enough money to buy myself things that give me a sense of happiness for a few hours.
I don’t want routine to take over my life.
Some days, when I’m really bored and am aimlessly scrolling on the internet, I realize I’m wasting a precious moment. There are so many better ways to spend time. Studying Korean, reading up on new science breakthroughs, going on a scenery photoshoot, checking out a cafe I’ve never been to, cleaning, or even something as simple as blogging (hehe, thats me right meow).

I hope you all are making the best of your days.
I hope I can continue to make the best of mine.

28,000 days
4,000 weeks
920 months
77 years
1 life
Make it a fabulous life, or not, the choice is yours.